About the board

SmithKline Beecham Pension Plan Trustee Limited is responsible for looking after the SmithKline Beecham Pension Plan. The Trustee Board ensures that the Plans are administered according to the Trust Deeds and Rules and we are required to act in the interests of all members – not themselves, any representative body or GSK – and to ensure that the members are treated fairly and impartially. The Trustee Board meets a minimum of four times a year and comprises of:

  • 1 Independent Trustee Director
  • 3 Company nominated Trustee Directors
  • 2 Member nominated Trustee Director

Member website details

The plan administrators provide a member website, that enables active and deferred members to view specific details about your plan pension. If you have any questions about the active and deferred members website, you should contact the administrator of your GSK pension plan – find the right details for your plan on our Contacts page.

Legacy employers

  • SmithKline Beecham
  • Beecham
  • SmithKline & French
  • Stafford Miller
  • Stiefel Laboratories
  • Sterling Winthrop
  • Lucozade
  • Horlicks
  • Coors